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Watermelons are large and round to oval in shape. Their skin is thick, smooth, and dark green with green-black striping. The flesh is deep red, juicy, and tender with a few round black seeds.They are crisp and juicy with a very sweet flavour. 1 Piece weighs around 1000 to 1500 Grams

Watermelon is renowned for its hydrating properties, comprised of nearly 90 percent water. They also contain vitamins A, C and B-complex group, iron, fiber and the amino acid Arginine which has been shown to boost metabolism. They contain rich supplies of potassium which helps prevent sore muscles and lycopene known for antioxidant benefits. Consume the Watermelon raw and with a slight chill, similarly to other sweet melon varieties. They may be cut into cubes or scooped with a melon-baller, and added into fruit salads or green salads.

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