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Okra (Ladyfinger)

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Lady finger is a green vegetable with a tip at the end and a lighter green head, which is inedibe and to be thrown away. The pods are pale lime to lime green colour, their exterior has furrowed lengthwise grooves. The skin can often be fuzzy to prickly, which can cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. The flesh bears a tender spongy membrane with many small white seeds. It tastes mild and slightly grassy.

Okra pods are a good source of dietary fiber and a mucilage substance that is said to help in easing digestion. Okra is similar to Kiwi fruits with high amounts of Vitamins K and C, manganese, and folate. Okra is historically not eaten alone, rather paired in a multitude of recipes alongside ingredients with bold, complex flavors and varying textures. Okra is most often used as a soup or stew ingredient, though its textures and flavours are truly enhanced when fried and grilled.

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