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Renu Sehrawat
Homemaker, 62

My grand children always crave for thai curry instead of delicious bhindi, but finding the perfect ingredients was always a problem. Then I saw Frugivore and now I can cook thai curry as well as my masala bhindi.

Amrita Sidhu
Business Development Professional, 28

I have preferred Jagsfresh as my one stop destination for bulk purchases of basic Indian veggies. Their product quality is impressive and overall service quite pleasing.

Avish Thomas
Professor, 58

My sedantry job does not allow me much exercise but I can manage to eat healthy with this jagsfresh's cut fruits and salads. Best part is that they let me change the delivery address between my home and university whenever needed.

Restaurateur, 30

We started a small restaurant in Cyber Hub, Gurugram and tried Jagsfresh as our fresh produce supplier. The Lettuces, Peppers and Leafies are of unbeaten quality. Their range in bakery and grocery helps us to offer premium Japanese cuisine.

Rocky Jha
Gym Trainer, 28

I advise many of my clients to include sprouts, microgreens and salads in their diets - but didn’t have a good place to recommend for them till I tried Jagsfresh . Keep it up Jagsfresh!!

Zia Khan
Student, 22

I tried microgreens, when my friend suggested it - I love their sharp taste and the effect on my skin is great too, he he !! Cheers Jagsfresh !

Saaran Dave
Retired Government Official, 64

They are able to provide the cheapest avocado in town - which I started eating recently on recommendation from my family doctor. Great quality too !

Saarika Tyagi
Homemaker, 26

I have started ordering most of my veggies and fresh from Jagsfresh because these guys are flexible and listen to you and their delivery guys are trained too.

Danielle Huggard
Traveller, 35

I didn’t know that I will not be able to find mangoes in India during winter. I had to taste that fruit during my trip and could not find it in shops. Then I found some variety of this available online and immediately ordered. Cheers !!

Sienna Smith
Food Technologist, 39

I am in India (Gurgaon) on a secondment and was missing some of the fruit delicacies at my home in UK - the berries, cherries and grapes. Then I found Jagsfresh and liked their range and their pricing

Liu Chin
Homemaker, 31

Hi, I moved to India last year. I like to cook but could not find ingredients like Chinese cabbage, shitake mushrooms, thai bird chilli, bok choy, bean sprouts, green garlic etc. I found most of them on this website and delivered to me next day. Now I love shopping here!

Sanjiv Mehta
Businessman, 55

I was looking to find Graviola online as I have heard it is one of the nature's best antidotes against cancer but could not rely on online marketers till I shopped on Jagsfresh's website.

Kartik Ranganathan
Senior IT Engineer, 34

When I was working in Seattle (US), my kids got used to eating certain fruits which are not easily available in India. Then I tried Jagsfresh with an order of Avocado and Nectarines. I liked the smooth delivery experience and better than market price.

Anya Seth
Banker, 33

I ordered Kale Salad online. Never experienced this quality of Kale in Delhi before. Loved it !!!